Adam Krysztofiak’s secondment in Zurich, Switzerland

Adam Krysztofiak, a RADIATE-ITN Early Stage Researcher (ESR) from the University of Duisburg-Essen, writes about his time in Zurich, Sept 2018

The focus of my Ph.D. project is to provide a molecular basis for the identification of novel targets for modulating tumor cell survival by targeting lipid compartments of the cell. This includes discovering new ways to overcome a host-mediated resistance to radio- and chemotherapy. We speculate that altered lipid composition of cellular membranes, induced by treatment with ErPC or erufosine, will also impact the activity of signaling platforms located at cellular membranes (e.g. receptors for the angiogenic growth factors), as well as cancer cell secretion.

To confirm and validate our hypothesis I performed a secondment within the ITN RADIATE in the Laboratory for Applied Radiobiology of Prof. Dr. Martin Pruschy at the University Hospital in Zürich. In the two weeks, between 1st and 14th September 2018, I had a great opportunity to work in Prof. Pruschy’s lab. There, my experiments concentrated on secretome analysis, with an emphasis on ADAM17 network as a crucial mediator of resistance to IR, as well as studying the impact of erufosine on the PLGF-signaling. Productive and creative work was accomplished, thanks to collaboration with my colleague from the ITN RADIATE, Tamara Kazimova.

Overall, these two weeks secondment brought for me a unique opportunity to visit and work in another laboratory and to extend my knowledge as well practical skills. Moreover, it was an exceptional time for meeting and networking with other researchers from another, top-academic environment which exists in Zurich. The secondment in the RADIATE network also provides a strong and unique multidisciplinary and collaborative environment, significantly supporting our common efforts to find novel approaches in cancer research and further develop our understanding of the radiation biology.