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Cancer Cell Radiosensitivity

Institut Curie

Mechanism of Action of Dbait DNA Repair Inhibitor

Maria Koźlak

Maria Kozlak

ESR11: Maria Koźlak

Project Objectives:

  • Dbait is a new drug strategy, which inhibits DNA repair machinery. Therefore, we aim to investigate its molecular mechanisms and cell cycle modifications in normal and cancer cells following Dbait and irradiation treatment, in order to understand if the radiosensitising effect of Dbait is related to a cell cycle defect of tumour cells
  • We also want to investigate the effect of Dbait on healthy tissues for radiotherapy improvement


  • In vitro studies on characterised cell lines: survival assays to study the radiosensitising effect of Dbait; cell cycle analysis by Flow cytometry on cells after irradiation and Dbait pretreatment
  • In vivo studies: Total body irradiation and bone marrow analysis by Flow cytometry after Dbait treatment