Debora Grasso’s Secondment

Debora Grasso a RADIATE Early Stage Researcher (ESR) from Université catholique de Louvain writes about her secondment in June-July 2017.

Wolfsberg Meeting 2017 (Switzerland) – Poster Session and

Wolfsberg cup winner 2017!

The period of my secondment was divided in two parts:

In the first period (from 05th to 19th of June 2017) I participated in an International summer school entitled “Cancer biology and therapeutic strategies towards personalized medicine” which was held in Lipari (Italy) and in an International congress entitled “15th International Wolfsberg Meeting on Molecular Radiation Biology/Oncology” which took place in Wolfsberg (Switzerland).

The summer school has been beneficial for my PhD student path because I improved my knowledge on the basic aspects of cancer biology, therapeutic strategies and metastasis development. Some of the other touched topics during this instructional course were the new metastatic theory of Genometastasis along with the new therapeutic approach with CRISPR/Cas9 and both basic science and clinical lectures were included highlighting the need of translational approaches in Cancer Research. This experience has allowed me to share scientific knowledge with other PhD students and postdocs and create a network of friendship. The International Wolfsberg meeting organized every 2 years is one of the most important meetings in Europe in the field of Radiation Biology/Oncology. It was the best congress I have ever attended to the date, well organized, in a very nice location, in a friendly atmosphere and with an outstanding quality of the presented research. This meeting allowed me to increase my knowledge and to learn about different approaches in cancer research. During this congress, I also had the opportunity to present my work in the form of a poster entitled “Cancer radiosensitivity under metabolic control”. I discussed my results with the experts present at the congress who spawned interesting perspectives and gave me an important and critical insight into my research.

In the second period, from 20 of June to 05 of July 2017, I was seconded to the Institute Curie in Paris (France) under the supervision of Dr Marie Dutreix.  This placement has been instrumental in enabling me to investigate an aspect of my research project, which Marie Dutreix’s group is an expert in. During this period I had the opportunity to perform the “Comet Assay”, a technique that allows measuring the kinetics of DNA repair of my cells after irradiation. It was also a great opportunity to see how other laboratory works. I spent a great time with the group and my colleagues ITN radiate-ESR. Overall, these experiences have been enriching to both my PhD thesis and my overall research goals. I have learnt a huge amount from this period.