International Marie Sklodowska-Curie Meeting: Thursday Highlights

Thursday 11th October 2018, ESR Workshop in Orsay and visit to the Musée Curie in Paris – RADIATE members only

Meeting highlights

The RADIATE-ITN student workshop and IMSCM2018 took place in Orsay and Paris, France on 11th and 12th October 2018.

The highlights of the 2 days were:

  • Thursday 11th October 2018 – Meet the Expert sessions in Orsay
  • Thursday 11th October 2018 – A visit to the Musée Curie in Paris
  • Friday 12th October 2018 – The IMSCM2018 at the Institut Curie, Paris
  • Friday 12th October 2018 – A cruise on the River Seine to close the meeting

The Workshop in Orsay was attended by RADIATE members and keynote speakers only and was a great opportunity for RADIATE researchers to interact with eminent speakers in the field of radiobiology. All members of the RADIATE-ITN, especially the ESRs, would like to thank the invited speakers Silvia Formenti, Andy Minn, Mark Dewhirst and Rob Coppes for taking the time to attend the Student workshop in Orsay. The ESRs found the Meet the Speaker sessions invaluable for advice on a future career in science.