The RADIATE network is composed of seven full partners from different European academic institutions.

These academic institutions host our Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

The network also consists of seven associated partners, including academic and industrial organisations.

Moreover RADIATE has an external expert advisory board with three members.

RADIATE academic institutions

University of Oxford

University of Oxford

We aim to enhance clinical and basic research in Oxford with the ultimate goal of increasing cancer cure rates.

Duisburg Essen

University Hospital, Essen

The focus of the research group is in the area of ​​molecular cell biology and experimental radiooncology.

Maastricht University

Maastricht University

Our goal is to understand the basic mechanisms of treatment failure in cancer and to apply this knowledge to improve outcomes.

Technische Universität Dresden

ONCORAY, Dresden

The Radiology section of OncoRay is concerned with the investigation of resistance mechanisms and the effect of radiochemotherapy.

Universite Catholique de Louvan

University Catholique de Louvan

Hypoxia is a cancer hallmark that imposes a selection pressure on tumor cells.

Institut Curie

Institut Curie

We have developed an original method using small molecule compounds to inhibit all DNA repair pathways.

University Hospital Zürich

University of Zürich

The major focus of our translational research activities is ‘Combined Treatment Modality in Radiation Oncology’.