RADIATE-ITN conference and student workshop – October 2018, Paris, France

The RADIATE-ITN student workshop and conference, IMSCM2018, took place in Orsay and Paris, France 10th – 13th October 2018.

The Paris ESRs helped to organise a great mix of science and social networking involving the RADIATE members and the Keynote speakers.

The meeting began unofficially on Wednesday evening, with some RADIATE members visiting Le Jardin du Luxembourg and then dining with a number of the invited speakers – an event to “break the ice”.

The main events of the full 3-day meeting consisted of a careers workshop on Thursday 11th October; the IMSCM2018 on Friday 12th October and an ESR organised social event on Saturday 13th October.

Thursday – RADIATE ESR workshop

The RADIATE team and Keynote speakers travelled by train from Paris to Orsay to attend the workshop. This included a Meet the Expert session in Orsay, where the RADIATE ESRs had the chance to question the invited speakers about future career paths in radiation biology.

A tour of the Musée Curie followed the workshop – an excellent opportunity to learn more about the research and lives of Marie and Pierre Curie.

The evening ended with all members and invited speakers dining together.

Friday – IMSCM2018

This meeting in a “workshop” style aimed to highlight the areas of research supported by the RADIATE consortium. RADIATE brought together internationally recognised leaders in the field, to interact with all attendees and the RADIATE students, to focus on current work in radiation biology.

With approximately 100 participants, many of them young researchers, from Europe, the USA and Canada, the IMSCM2018 proved to be a vibrant meeting and allowed a lively exchange of ideas in the field of radiation biology.

Both the meeting and the evening social event, a cruise on the River Seine, provided good opportunities for scientific exchanges and networking.

Saturday – RADIATE Social event

This was a walking tour of Montmartre followed by lunch in a café, for all RADIATE members.