RADIATE Research

Bringing together radiobiologists

By bringing together radiobiologists across Europe, RADIATE intends to develop new therapeutic strategies to improve the outcome of radiation therapy.

The failure to eliminate the cancer at its primary site can be placed into two general categories

The intrinsic ability of the tumour to repair the radiation damage.

The interplay between the tumour microenvironment and the cancer cells leading to greater resistance. The tumour microenvironment can affect hypoxia and the host’s immune response to the tumour, both factors known to strongly influence tumour response to radiation.

Exploration of these two categories form our first two scientific aims (Work Package 1 and 2) with translational work designed to identify and implement new therapeutic strategies for use in radiotherapy being the third (Work Package 3).

Outline Scheme with the Main Activities

Outline Scheme with the Main Activities Planned for the RADIATE Project

RADIATE is structured in six work packages (WP)

Institut Curie

Work package 1 – Institut Curie

Explores training and scientific research in cellular radiation resistance and sensitivity. Incorporates clinically used radiation modalities and shared methodologies and concepts across the RADIATE network.

University of Duisburg-Essen

Work package 2 – University of Duisburg-Essen

Investigates how the tumour microenvironment affects the outcome of radiation. This work package will benefit from the techniques and models developed at each academic partner site.

University of Oxford

Work package 3 – University of Oxford

Is devoted to the development of strategies to identify and validate potential targets for increasing tumour sensitivity to radiotherapy. WP3 focuses on the translational nature of the research work – taking the findings from the research into clinical practice and commercialisation for use in the health-care sector.

University of Duisburg-Essen

Work package 4 – University of Duisburg-Essen

Delivers a multidisciplinary scientific and technical programme, with complementary skills in the field of molecular therapeutics and radiation science.

University of Maastricht

Work package 5 – University of Maastricht

Focuses on improving the awareness of school students, patients and the general public about the research conducted within RADIATE and new breakthroughs in radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

University of Oxford

Work package 6 – University of Oxford

Is dedicated to the coordination and management of the training network.