The RADIATE (Radiation Innovations for Therapy and Education) network is an oriented training and research programme for young researchers in the specialised field of radiobiology.

This network unites seven European top-academic institutions and relevant partners in the field of molecular therapeutics and radiation science. Each academic institution recruited two early stage researchers (ESRs) offering them a PhD fellowship and the possibility to develop research in the areas of Cancer Cell Radiosensitivity, Tumour Microenvironment and New Therapeutic Strategies for Radiotherapy.

Moreover the RADIATE network offers a multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral training and research programme for a new generation of researchers, enhancing their career perspectives while answering questions in cancer biology.

The training programme exploits the experience of some of Europe’s best academic centres and private companies, allowing a merger of basic translational and clinical approaches and perspectives. During the three years of the training programme, ERSs will develop their PhD projects at their affiliated academic institutions, participate in the workshops, provided by the RADIATE network, and at international level events.

All ESRs are enrolled in a PhD programme and attend courses offered at their academic host institutions. As their research projects evolve, ESRs will have the opportunity to complement their education according to their projects’ needs, by attending relevant lectures or modules within the network partners’ associated universities.

Representation of the Early Stage Researchers Training Programme

Representation of the Early Stage Researchers Training Programme

Local Training

To enhance ESRs’ know-how on advanced techniques and scientific concepts, RADIATE has built a training infrastructure consisting of theoretical and experimental workshops.

The workshop portfolio covers scientific training in Cancer Biology and Innovative Radiotherapeutic strategies; Technical Training Skills, including non-standard therapies and drug development; and Professional and Transferable Skills, such as Science communication, Public Engagement and Intellectual Property Rights. The workshops will be held at RADIATE meetings, offering ESRs intensive hands-on experience, training and access to cutting-edge technologies as their research projects develop.

Furthermore, partners from the private sector also participate in the training programme, bringing a perspective on commercial applications in the health sector. Thus, RADIATE meetings will facilitate the transfer of knowledge among ESRs, network partners and associated industrial partners.

International Training

RADIATE training integrates the ESRs and the network into the wider scientific community.

In addition to the RADIATE workshops and meetings, training includes externally organised international conferences and symposia. These international events give a complementary focus to the RADIATE training programme providing ESRs the chance to present their results, and find more opportunities for scientific and professional development. Throughout the RADIATE training programme, young researchers will explore their career opportunities at the workshops and symposia, and develop skills to become future academic and industrial leaders.